2020 KDJSS Questionnaire Responses Due By May 3rd
2020 KDJSS Questionnaire Responses Due By May 3rd
If you have not yet responded due to all the coronavirus confusion, the good news is that TAC has extended the response deadline to May 3rd. Coronavirus circumstances are also requiring Regional Examiners to conducted KDJSS pre-evaluations a bit differently this year. Please consult your REX for instructions. You may be required to submit specific video performances on the Soo Bahk Do Institute for evaluation and/or some REX may require live video evaluations. The TAC has extended the deadline for Regional Examiners to Submit their recommendations by May 17th, so you need to connect with them and get their instructions about how they plan to conduct your video evaluation.

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The Time Eligible Members Below Have Already Responded To The 2020 KDJSS Questionnaire And Expressed Their Intent
20592 6th Dan (Yuk) Sa Bom Larry Drehs
26925 6th Dan (Yuk) Sa Bom Hiram Turner
30680 6th Dan (Yuk) Sa Bom Marcus Acosta
31841 5th Dan (O) Sa Bom Andrew Cheever
33145 5th Dan (O) Sa Bom Charles Holland
34508 5th Dan (O) Sa Bom Edward Sachs
31199 4th Dan (Sa) Sa Bom John Riegler
34557 4th Dan (Sa) Master Olivier Livolsi
36828 4th Dan (Sa) Master William Carmody, Jr.
43822 4th Dan (Sa) Master Tim Rupert
47215 4th Dan (Sa) Kyo Sa shawn hammond
21614 3rd Dan (Sam) Kyo Sa John Neace
23265 3rd Dan (Sam) Kyo Sa Blake Gilner
33453 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. Michael Klein
34094 3rd Dan (Sam) Kyo Sa Carolyn Dekker
37946 3rd Dan (Sam) Kyo Sa Nicole Herlofsky
43666 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. Theodore Keeby
44364 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. Marc Levinson
44365 3rd Dan (Sam) Mrs. Kathy Levinson
44659 3rd Dan (Sam) Jo Kyo Brittany Lockhart
45364 3rd Dan (Sam) Jo Kyo Paul Quinlivan
45604 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. Jonathan Kimmitt
45911 3rd Dan (Sam) Jo Kyo Jonathan Orella
45974 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. Bruce Bowen
46827 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. David Jenkins
46934 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. Steven Skinner
46987 3rd Dan (Sam) Mr. Evan Telford
47180 3rd Dan (Sam) Kyo Sa Tony Le
47222 3rd Dan (Sam) Jo Kyo Charles Sponsler
47450 3rd Dan (Sam) Kyo Sa Katherine Harvey
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