2nd Moo Duk Kwan® USA Virtual Competition
Is Virtual Breaking Easier Than Regular Breaking?

The board or bricks are the same hardness and the skill, speed, precision, focus and power of the breaker is still required to succeed.

However, some differences between virtual breaking and in-person breaking are that the breaker does not have the distraction of an audience and the breaker gets UNLIMITED DO-OVERS with only the best, successful break getting scored.

Practice as many times as you want and then upload that perfect break for the gold!

You Do Not Need To Be Present To Win

One awesome aspect of the prerecorded National virtual competition is that you can video your performance on your schedule and upload it on your schedule and you do not need to be present when judging occurs.

PLUS: USA Members who enter the USA competition are eligible to also enter the International Competition.

Seize this opportunity and enter today!

Present Only Your Perfect Hyung

Another awesome aspect of the prerecorded National virtual competition is that after you upload your best performance and preview it, then should you decide that you can do better, you can upload a replacement video as many times as you want until uploading closes. How cool is that?

Compete In USA Live Via Zoom
Compete In USA Via Uploads
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1st Moo Duk Kwan® International Virtual Competition
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