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The Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan martial art system created by Founder Hwang Kee in Seoul, Korea 1945 has been preserved by, and authorized authentic instruction is provided by, Instructors and Studios displaying these federally registered trademarks and service marks.

Beware of trademark infringers, imitators, phonies and frauds.

Trademarks identify the UNIQUE SOURCE of products and services. No one other than an authorized SOURCE may legally use a trademark since doing so without authorization misrepresents to the public who the product or service originated from. Trademarks help protect the public from fraud and counterfeiting. Would you want to pay a premium price for a car labled with a luxury brand emblem and later discover it was a very cheap car that had the luxury brand name stamped on it by an unscrupulous car salesman?  No. You can help protect the unsuspecting public from deceptive practices, misrepresentation, fraud and counterfeiting by reporting suspected trademark or copyright infringers.

Individuals and entities legally licensed to offer Moo Duk Kwan or Soo Bahk Do instruction and to display these trademarks are listed in our database of Certified Instructors and Studios. (International locations being added)

Known trademark infringers are identified when discovered.

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