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Recommended Reading

  • Recommended Reading Index
  • Strategies for Active Citizenship - Kateri M. Drexler and Gwen Garcelon - H.C. Hwang
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach - Phil Duncan
  • The Reluctant Messiah - Richard Bach - Russ Hanke, Sa Bom Nim
  • Way of the Peaceful Warior - Dan Millman - Phil Duncan
  • "The One Minute Manager" by Dr. Kenneth H. Blanchard - Thomas Thai, SBN
  • "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey - Thomas Thai, SBN
  • My favorite, "How to win Friends and Influence People", by Dale Carnegie - Thomas Thai, SBN
  • http://soobahkdo.editme.com/Credibility - Phil Duncan
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