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Fourteen Days Until Moo Duk Kwan® Gathering

Reading Time: 1 minutes. In only 27 days Moo Duk Kwan® members will be hosting the largest national gathering of Soo Bahk Do® practitioners in the USA at the La Toretta Lake Resort and Spa in Montgomery, Texas.


Reading Time: 1 minutes. The 2017 News Media Team led by a group of members in Region 8 have taken personal action to help bring the spirit and intent of our historical newsletter back to life by using modern technologies for publishing and ...


Reading Time: 1 minutes. 2017 Board Nominations For 501(c)(4) Directors to serve three year terms

Can You Believe It?

Reading Time: 1 minutes. Can you believe that only about three classes remain to save 15% on Early National Festival Registration.

You Have About 16 Classes To Decide To Register For The 2017 Festival And SAVE

Reading Time: 1 minutes. If you are thinking about attending the 2017 National Festival and you typically train about twice a week, then you have about sixteen classes to make up your mind and register before May 31st in order to save 15%.

Win Free Stuff When You Share

Reading Time: 1 minutes. You can win free stuff (no purchase necessary to enter) just by helping assure that fellow members, Alumni and even non-members with Moo Duk Kwan® heritage are aware of the 2017 National Festival scheduled for August ...

300+ Members Are Time Eligible To Apply For Ko Dan Ja

Reading Time: 1 minutes. 300 Members Are Time Eligible To Apply For Ko Dan Ja

Board Chairman Update For March Meeting

Reading Time: 2 minutes. The Board of Directors met on March 1, 2017. Following are the major issues that were addressed.

Board Directors Current

Reading Time: 0 minutes. Board Directors Current

How To Submit Proposals To The Board Of Directors

Reading Time: 3 minutes. In an effort to develop ideas into proposals please proceed as follows if you would like your proposal to be considered by the Board of Directors.

Exit Poll

Reading Time: 1 minutes. Please take a moment to answer our simple "one question" exit poll for inactive members.

Stay Warm In Custom Moo Duk Kwan® Apparel

Reading Time: 1 minutes. The January custom Moo Duk Kwan® apparel campaign ends in 10 days on January 31st.

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SAVE THE DATE:  2017 National Festival August 10-12 Montgomery, TX

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