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[Note that not all current and former profiles are posted yet. They are being added as time permits.]

Regional Examiners are appointed by the Technical advisory Committee Chairman to serve members of the United States Soo Bahk Do Mo Duk Kwan Federation within each of the 10 geographical regions of the Federation.

Regional Examiners Current

Oliver Whitcomb, Sa Bom, 23268
Region 8 Examiner
Michael Zickafoose, Sa Bom, 30699
TAC Heng Jeung Bu 2017-2020
Frank Tsai, Sa Bom, 32700
TAC Digital Bu 2017-2020
Cort Stinehour, Sa Bom, 33190
TAC Jin Heung Bu 2017-2020
Rodrigo Cruz, Sa Bom, 33484
TAC Assistant Digital Media 2017-2020
Brian Corrales, Sa Bom, 36264
TAC Assistant Digital Media
Josh Duncan, Sa Bom, 29793
TAC Assistant 2017-2020
Gene Riggs, Sa Bom, 26263
Region 6 Examiner
Denise Mullin-Menendez, Sa Bom, 33190
Region 2 Eaminer
Vicki Kenyon, Sa Bom 32665
Region 9 Examiner
Travis Guinn, Sa Bom, 32771
Region 6 Examiner
William Hockman, Sa Bom 27133
Region 6 Examiner

Regional Examiners Former

Jeff Griggs, Sa Bom 23269
TAC Ki Sul Bu 2017-2020
Josh Lockwood, Sa Bom, 29755
TAC Heng Jeung Bu 2017-2020
Jennifer Gibbons, Sa Bom, 32238
TAC Ki Sul Bu 2017-2020
John Mahony, Sa Bom, 23587
Appointed Board Director
Larry Seiberlich, Sa Bom, 1815
Senior Advisory Committee
Russ Hanke
Senior Advisory Committee