The United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® is an organization with multiple levels of volunteer leaders working together in pursuit of the Federation's Chartered Purposes and serving the Federation's members.

    Not all Federation Leaders' profiles have been posted. More are being added as time permits.

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    • HQ Staff
    • Kwan Jang Nim 2002 to Date
    • Medical Resource
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    • WMDK TAC Current
    Craig Hays, Sa Bom, 23132
    Appointed Board Director / TAC Chairman
    Jeff Griggs, Sa Bom 23269
    TAC Ki Sul Bu 2017-2020
    Josh Lockwood, Sa Bom, 29755
    TAC Heng Jeung Bu 2017-2020
    Michael Zickafoose, Sa Bom, 30699
    TAC Heng Jeung Bu 2017-2020
    Jennifer Gibbons, Sa Bom, 32238
    TAC Ki Sul Bu 2017-2020
    Thomas Thai, Sa Bom, 32244
    TAC Digital Bu 2017-2020
    Jared Rosenthal, Sa Bom, 32740
    TAC Jin Heung Bu 2017-2020
    Cort Stinehour, Sa Bom, 33190
    TAC Jin Heung Bu 2017-2020
    Sue Fittanto, Sa Bom, 41586
    Board Chairman / TAC Assistant
    Person's Image or Likeness
    Eric Newman
    Ed Horni, Sa Bom, 36429
    TAC Assistant 2017-2020
    Daymon Kenyon, Sa Bom, 19839
    TAC Weh Gong Bu
    Cash Cooper, Sa Bom, 23082
    TAC Chairman Former
    Kris Poole, Sa Bom, 20632
    TAC Shim Gong Bu
    Lisa Kozak, Sa Bom, 23540
    TAC Neh Gong Bu 2011-2017
    Dae Kyu Chang, Sa Bom, 20780
    TAC Shim Gong Bu
    Bill Nelson, Sa Bom, 21420
    TAC Neh Gong Bu
    H.C. Hwang
    John Mahony, Sa Bom, 23587
    Appointed Board Director
    Ken Campbell
    Larry Seiberlich, Sa Bom, 1815
    Senior Advisory Committee
    Russ Hanke, Sa Bom, 4137
    Senior Advisory Committee
    Frank Tsai, Sa Bom
    Frank Tsai, Sa Bom, 32700
    TAC Digital Bu / Region 1 Examiner
    Jeff Mackey, Sa Bom 28089
    Region 1 Examiner
    Denise Mullin-Menendez, Sa Bom, 30212
    Region 2 Examiner
    Tom Brnich, Sa Bom, 35142
    Region 2 Examiner
    Gary Brown, Sa Bom, 22043
    Region 3 Examiner
    Rodrigo Cruz, Sa Bom, 33484
    Region 4 Examiner / TAC Assistant
    Christy Cooper, Sa Bom, 33008
    Region 5 Examiner
    Carl Vonck, Sa Bom, 39474
    Region 5 Examiner
    Travis Guinn, Sa Bom, 32771
    Region 6 Examiner
    James Bennett, Sa Bom, 23250
    Region 6 Examiner
    Dwayne Townsend, Sa Bom, 37809
    Region 6 Examiner
    Gene Riggs, Sa Bom, 26263
    Region 6 Examiner
    William Hockman, Sa Bom 27133
    Region 6 Examiner
    Dan Ellenbecker, Sa Bom, 27146
    Region 7 Examiner
    Dave Billings, Sa Bom, 28976
    Region 7 Examiner
    Sean Cullen, Sa Bom 26950
    Region 7 Examiner
    Mike Kelly, Sa Bom 31402
    Region 7 Examiner
    Brian Corrales, Sa Bom, 36264
    TAC Digital Bu / R8 REX
    Oliver Whitcomb, Sa Bom, 23268
    Region 8 Examiner Former
    Josh Duncan, Sa Bom, 29793
    Region 9 Examiner / TAC Assistant
    Vicki Kenyon, Sa Bom 32665
    Region 9 Examiner
    Anna Oulashin, Sa Bom, 31097
    Region 10 Examiner
    Wha Young Chung, Sa Bom, 410
    Senior Advisory Committee
    Victor Martinov, Sa Bom, 10189
    Phil Duncan, Sa Bom, 20631
    Executive Administrator
    Charles Smith, Sa Bom 33141
    Region 10 Examiner
    Sean Oulashin, Master 44504
    TAC Assistant

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