Thank You For Trick or Treating by Text Message!
Happy Halloween!

Thank You For Trick or Treating by Text Message!


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Soooooooo here's the treats we've got for you. Pick any ONE of the following:
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We will mail you an "I Love Soo Bahk Do" Bumper Sticker when you enter your mailing address below.


If form is too small or does not work click here


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OR If you have not yet received rank from the Moo Duk Kwan® in the martial art of Soo Bahk Do®, you are invited to pickup your White Belt Instructional DVD at any Certified School location nationwide before midnight Oct 31. 

Just show the School Owner the message on your phone to pickup your DVD

Should the school happen to be out of these DVDs, then we'll mail you one when the school provides us with your mailing address.

[$64.00 VALUE]

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OR You can activate a one month Green Belt subscription on the Soo Bahk Do® institute for only $1 before midnight Oct 31.

Just enter the discount code TREAT during checkout.

This code is only valid for the Green Belt Monthly subscription,so be sure to select that one.

Click the image to be directed to the Green Belt Monthly subscription.

 [$19.00 VALUE]

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