Alumni Membership

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Activate Or Renew Your Alumni Membership

Alumni Members of the Moo Duk Kwan® martial art organization include any practitioner who has ever achieved the rank of 1st Dan or higher through one of Hwang Kee's Moo Duk Kwan® schools and was legitimately certified by Founder Hwang Kee and who is recorded in the Moo Duk Kwan® organization records.

Alumni Members of the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® need not be active in a certified dojang in the USA, but can still elect to activate and maintain a Moo Duk Kwan® Alumni membership.


"Moo Duk Kwan® Alumni membership provides former students of Moo Duk Kwan® schools an opportunity to continue expressing their loyalty to, and support of, the philosophy, principles and Moo Do values expressed by Moo Duk Kwan® Founder Hwang Kee while extending support for preservation of the Moo Duk Kwan® martial art school's legacy."
-- Phil Duncan

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