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Your Lifetime Membership Will Never Expire

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"...What is the main purpose and philosophy behind the martial arts?
Rejuvenation and prolonging of life beyond the normal span.
So an eternal spring..."
-- Song of the Sip Sam Seh

If you know in your heart that Soo Bahk Do® is going to be a lifetime endeavor for you, then a Lifetime Membership just makes sense.


Lifetime Memberships currently run $1600 and may increase for 2017, but during our Fall Membership Drive FLASH SALE you can join the prestigious group of 260 other Lifetime Members for only $1200

That's a $400 SAVINGS which is an additional $100 DISCOUNT off the already reduced Fall Membership Drive discounted price for Lifetime Memberships which is $1300 and ends October 31.

However, this FLASH SALE only runs SEPTEMBER 12 to 18 and the FLASH SALE PRICE of $1200 will only be available on those days, so if you procrastinate, immortality may pass your membership by...or at minimum, increase the price by $100. 🙂



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