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News Media Team Introduction

Greetings members, families and friends,

I hope this letter finds you in excellent health and spirits.

As you are aware, my PVT message has long been encouraging each member to initiate personal actions and take ownership of the future of our art in ways that can help support its long-term preservation.

In 1973 a newsletter was published to help keep members informed about Moo Duk Kwan® matters as they spread all over the world from South Korea due to political pressures.

Today, modern technologies and social media make publishing and sharing information about our art almost immediate and global which was not as achievable with a newsletter.

The 2017 News Media Team led by a group of members in Region 8 have taken personal action to help bring the spirit and intent of our historical newsletter back to life by using modern technologies for publishing and distributing valuable information about our art.

With the help of fellow member contributors the News Media Team plans to acquire and present helpful training articles, other educational articles and/or videos and to publish official Federation information, showcase member activity and document key historical occurrences.

I look forward to the valuable and timely content they will present and the record of U.S. Federation member activity and Moo Duk Kwan® history that will be recorded by the News Media Team and presented here.

In Moo Duk Kwan,

H.C. Hwang

News Media Team Members

Oliver Whitcomb, Sa Bom, 23268
Region 8 Examiner
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Eric Newman

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