Our Generous Supporters
For Causes We Care About and More!

irs_approved_nonprofit_1332x1332Federation members and supporters realize that our non-profit organization has a high purpose in protecting and preserving our art for future generations and the generous contributors named here have all donated (some multiple times) to help sustain the Federation's pursuit of its non-profit chartered purposes and mission objectives.

Peter Drucker states in his book, “Managing The Non-Profit Organization” that:

“The “non-profit” institution neither supplies goods or services nor controls. Its “product” is neither a pair of shoes nor an effective regulation. Its product is a changed human being. The non-profit institutions are human change agents. Their “product” is a cured patient, a child that learns, a young man or woman grown into a self-respecting adult; a changed human life altogether.

The non-profit institution is not merely delivering a service. It wants the end user to be not a user but a doer. It uses a service to bring about change in a human being.

Giving is necessary above all else so that the non-profits can discharge the one Mission they all have in common: to satisfy the need of the American people for self-realization, living out our ideals, our beliefs, our best opinions of ourselves. To make contributors out of donors means that the American people can see what they want to see-or should see- when each of us looks at himself or herself in the mirror in the morning: someone who as a citizen takes responsibility. Someone who as a neighbor cares.

Non-profit institutions exist for the sake of their Mission. They exist to make a difference in society and in the life of the individual. They exist for the sake of their Mission and this must never be forgotten.

Non-profit Institutions depend heavily on volunteers to deliver the catalyst of change that results in its “product” (changed human beings) and therefore cannot command them. The non-profit Institution must inspire, motivate, encourage, and recognize those whom it depends on to accomplish its particular goals and ultimately its Mission.”

Thank you all for your generous support!

Almost 1000 Contributors and Moo Duk Kwan® Preservationists

Donation DateDonor StateDonor Name on Payment InstrumentCauseCampaign
7/28/2012MDMohammed VatanOnly One MDK
8/28/2012AZGreg BryanOnly One MDK
8/28/2012TXRon Williams/VariousOnly One MDK
8/30/2012NJJeff MackeyOnly One MDK
8/30/2012NJAnn RostampourOnly One MDK
9/2/2012WARegion 10Only One MDK
9/4/2012COJames CoombsOnly One MDK
9/6/2012CADaymon KenyonOnly One MDK
9/9/2012TXPhil DuncanOnly One MDK
9/9/2012WAA. OulashinOnly One MDK
9/9/2012WAAnacortes SBDOnly One MDK
9/9/2012WAArvidsonsOnly One MDK
9/10/2012FLJane KaufmanOnly One MDK
9/11/2012ORJared RosenthalOnly One MDK
9/11/2012TXPhil DuncanOnly One MDK
9/14/2012GARegion 4Only One MDK
9/14/2012MIRon StrongOnly One MDK
9/14/2012MIMichael Zickafoose (R5)Only One MDK
9/14/2012MICarl VonckOnly One MDK
9/14/2012MIMichael Zickafoose (R5)Only One MDK
9/16/2012??John DudaOnly One MDK
9/16/2012TXCraig HaysOnly One MDK
9/16/2012CAWarren OsbourneOnly One MDK
9/21/2012NJTom BrnichOnly One MDK
9/22/2012WACurt McCauleyOnly One MDK
9/24/2012ORJared RosenthalOnly One MDK
9/25/2012NJLorezno Farro (R2)Only One MDK
9/25/2012ORJared RosenthalOnly One MDK
9/25/2012CAPerry AraeipourOnly One MDK
9/26/2012TXKris PooleOnly One MDK
9/27/2012GAJohn MaltbyOnly One MDK
9/28/2012TXHiram TurnerOnly One MDK
9/28/2012TXHiram TurnerOnly One MDK
9/29/2012TXCarol Hanson (R6)Only One MDK
10/1/2012CTFrank TsaiOnly One MDK
10/3/2012NJPaul EngWongOnly One MDK
10/3/2012??Charles RichmondOnly One MDK
10/3/2012CTJames KirbyOnly One MDK
10/3/2012NYP O'learyOnly One MDK
10/4/2012VARobert SchmittOnly One MDK
10/5/2012MAJohn MaihosOnly One MDK
10/8/2012NYRoberto BonefontOnly One MDK
10/8/2012FLGeorge BroylesOnly One MDK
10/8/2012TXCarol Hanson (R6)Only One MDK
10/8/2012NJLorezno Farro (R2)Only One MDK
10/9/2012NJDave FerraraOnly One MDK
10/9/2012NJMichael GaragusoOnly One MDK
10/9/2012TXHiram TurnerOnly One MDK
10/9/2012UTMike WoodruffOnly One MDK
10/10/2012MILewis PeaceOnly One MDK
10/12/2012OKHockman / VariousOnly One MDK
10/12/2012MTMyron HamerOnly One MDK
10/16/2012OKHank LadeOnly One MDK
10/17/2012TXRiggs / VariousOnly One MDK
10/17/2012MSdave KingmanOnly One MDK
10/17/2012CALaural KenyonOnly One MDK
10/23/2012WACharles SmithOnly One MDK
10/23/2012GALaura Cederquist (R4)Only One MDK
10/23/2012COScott WimmerOnly One MDK
10/23/2012GALaura Cederquist (R4)Only One MDK
10/23/2012GAMoo Duk Kwan of N. GeorgiaOnly One MDK
10/24/2012CABrian KentOnly One MDK
10/24/2012VAK WildongerOnly One MDK
10/24/2012CAJ gibbonsOnly One MDK
10/24/2012CACindi SpeedyOnly One MDK
10/24/2012CODan DixonOnly One MDK
10/24/2012CARobert BennettOnly One MDK
10/24/2012MTA hamerOnly One MDK
10/24/2012CAlynn mcDermandOnly One MDK
10/24/2012COScott WimmerOnly One MDK
10/24/2012IDOliver WhitcombOnly One MDK
10/24/2012AZMichael WilsonOnly One MDK
10/24/2012GAMary WilliamsonOnly One MDK
10/25/2012WADavid McDonaldOnly One MDK
10/25/2012WACharles SmithOnly One MDK
10/25/2012MIAvery KriegelOnly One MDK
10/25/2012NJMiriam KurtsoyOnly One MDK
10/25/2012GASteveWilliamson/Altanta president vision Tour CommitteeOnly One MDK
10/26/2012CADebbie KissingerOnly One MDK
10/26/2012CADebbie KissingerOnly One MDK
10/29/2012TXRegion 6 / VariousOnly One MDK
10/30/2012WAAnna OulashinOnly One MDK
10/30/2012WAAnna OulashinOnly One MDK
11/2/2012WARegion 10Only One MDK
11/3/2012ORJared RosenthalOnly One MDK
11/7/2012VAAlvin & Lenora FisherOnly One MDK
11/12/2012ILSteve LemnerOnly One MDK
11/13/2012CADarno De JohnetteOnly One MDK
11/14/2012CAAlan LeeOnly One MDK
11/18/2012NJJohn MartinesOnly One MDK
11/19/2012GAJeffrey CarmichaelsOnly One MDK
11/19/2012GAJeff KaffezakisOnly One MDK
11/19/2012CARyan VoddenOnly One MDK
11/19/2012CALarry DrehsOnly One MDK
11/19/2012CADavid MoonOnly One MDK
11/20/2012NJNadine SuttonOnly One MDK
11/21/2012MTAndy HamerOnly One MDK
11/22/2012WAMt Vernon SBDOnly One MDK
11/30/2012NJL. GrahamOnly One MDK
11/30/2012NYZ. BegOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJim Harwood/Region 1Only One MDK
12/3/2012?Norma BergeronOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJoyce FrisielloOnly One MDK
12/3/2012?Dawn KerkmanOnly One MDK
12/30/2012?Kimberly SutherlandOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJeffrey KayOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAKimberly Labonte KayOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MACraig HaskellOnly One MDK
12/3/2012?Robin WarsawOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJo Ann RappOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAMatthew CardarelliOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAAndy CheeverOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJohn/Maria CapelloOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MASophia HallingOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAEileen BonnerOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MARobert/Kimberly MahanOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJohn/Jennifer LafataOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MADavid SweenyOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MANorma BergeronOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MANorma BergeronOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MABrayden WardOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAKyle WardOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAEastern Turning incOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJames DecolousOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAFrench/Melissa WahlersOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAWilliam/Joyce SteyerOnly One MDK
12/3/2012?Gregory conantOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJeremy/Melissa WahlersOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJames HarwoodOnly One MDK
12/3/2012MAJames DecoulosOnly One MDK
12/3/2012NYJohn KimOnly One MDK
12/4/2012WAW. ToomeyOnly One MDK
12/5/2012NYEd FramptonOnly One MDK
12/5/2012NYDuncan BarcelonaOnly One MDK
12/10/2012?D C MaverickOnly One MDK
12/10/2012NJRob BonefontOnly One MDK
12/10/2012CARegion 9Only One MDK
12/10/2012GARegion 4Only One MDK
12/10/2012COJames CoombsOnly One MDK
12/11/2012CAFrank EcholsOnly One MDK
12/14/2012CADianna GilmoreOnly One MDK
12/17/2012OKBill hockmanOnly One MDK
12/17/2012NYElaine PhillipsOnly One MDK
12/18/2012GAMoo Duk Kwan of N. GeorgiaOnly One MDK
12/20/2012MIMichael Zickfoose (matching donation)Only One MDK
12/20/2012NJRegion 2 Gaurdians of the ArtOnly One MDK
12/20/2012NYCort Stinehour (medal donation)Only One MDK
12/21/2012MARegion 1 DonationOnly One MDK
12/21/2012MAJoan RappOnly One MDK
1/22/2012MARegion 1 DonationOnly One MDK
12/22/2012DCNetwork for GoodOnly One MDK
12/26/2012FLLisa DonnellyOnly One MDK
12/27/2012MIMichael ZickfooseOnly One MDK
12/28/2012AZGreg GloriaOnly One MDK
12/28/2012MIChristopher WestOnly One MDK
12/28/2012CAGreg BellOnly One MDK
12/28/2012NYDonovan BarcelonaOnly One MDK
12/31/2012OKDwayne TownsendOnly One MDK
12/31/2012WAAnacortes SBd StudentsOnly One MDK
12/31/2012WAAnacortes SBd StudentsOnly One MDK
12/31/2012WAKen JacotOnly One MDK
12/31/2012WAGina Fiedler_JohnsonOnly One MDK
12/31/2012WAJustin RamagliaOnly One MDK
12/31/2012WAMatthew LowrieOnly One MDK
12/31/2012WAGeoffrey DylanOnly One MDK
1/3/2013MARegion 1/Jim HarwoodOnly One MDKOnly One MDK
1/3/2013PABrian SileoOnly One MDK
1/3/2013MIMichael ZickafooseOnly One MDK
1/3/2013GAMichel ChernickOnly One MDK
1/3/2013GAKelly LandisOnly One MDK
1/8/2013NYKwon/Region 2 hoodie donationOnly One MDK
1/14/2013MIMarquette SooBahk DoOnly One MDK
1/14/2013MIMarquette SBD/Ron StrongOnly One MDK
1/22/2013FLTampa Bay Soo Bahk DoOnly One MDK
1/25/2013CAHicksonOnly One MDK
2/6/2013?Elijah LemnerdOnly One MDK
2/13/2013COBruce BowenOnly One MDK
2/13/2013COBruce BowenOnly One MDK
2/13/2013COGregory PickrellOnly One MDK
2/13/2013COGregory PickrellOnly One MDK
2/13/2013CoPegg ScharinOnly One MDK
2/13/2013COJeff GriggsOnly One MDK
2/13/2013?Shuling WuOnly One MDK
2/15/2013NYKwons/Region 2Only One MDK
3/8/2013?leonard PerreOnly One MDK
3/8/2013GARegion 4/Laura CederquistOnly One MDK
3/9/2013NYRoberto Bonefont/Region 2Only One MDK
3/14/2013MAHeather Nelson/Larry KolodneyOnly One MDK
3/18/2013CASteve KellermanOnly One MDK
3/21/2013CAL HoehneOnly One MDK
4/10/2013CAKenyons/Region 9Only One MDK
4/16/2013MNRegion 7Only One MDK
4/23/2013NYRegion 2Only One MDK
5/7/2013MNRegion 7Only One MDK
6/3/2013GAMoo Duk Kwan Of North GeorgiaOnly One MDK
5/10/2013GARegion 4/Laura CederquistOnly One MDK
6/19/2013CADk Chang/Jangs karateOnly One MDK
7/27/2013CAGeorge HoffmeisterOnly One MDK
7/27/2013CAGeorge DolbyOnly One MDK
7/30/2013CAGee FamilyOnly One MDK
8/16/2013CTFrank TsaiOnly One MDK
8/13/2013NYEllenville Moo Duk KwanOnly One MDK
8/13/2013NYErik RyanOnly One MDK
8/21/2013CADarin FergusonOnly One MDK
8/22/2013CAGeorge DolbyOnly One MDK
9/10/2013MICarl VonckOnly One MDKKick-a-thon
10/4/2013CADavid WarnerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon
10/10/2010TXChamleon Enter/Phil DuncanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon
10/22/2013TXChamleon Enter/Phil DuncanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon
10/24/2013MIWarren VonckOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
11/5/2013WAPatrick MackenOnly One MDKKick-a-thon
11/15/2013NYCeasr PerezOnly One MDKKick--thon
11/19/2013GAMoo Duk Kwan Of North GeorgiaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/15/2013NYEdison PerezONly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
11/15/2013MARosa Perez-SimmonsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
11/20/2013TXPhil DuncanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
11/21/2013WACharles SmithOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/21/2013WADonald OkerlundOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/21/2013WADavid HuyetteOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/21/2013WAHelen BagnallOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/21/2013WAHelen BagnallOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/21/2013WAHelen BagnallOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/21/2013WARyan HymasOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/22/2013WATheresa WillowOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/22/2013WAJohn JaegerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/22/2013WACharles SmithOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/22/2013WACamas KarateOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
11/22/2013WACharles SmithOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/3/2013WARegion 10Only One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/10/2013WADavid McDonaldOnly One MDKPersonal
12/11/2013WAAiden HolmesOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/12/2013NYReese MillerOnly One MDKKick-athon R2
12/12/2013NYSebastian MockOnly One MDKKick-athon R2
12/12/2013NYStudents of Wallkill KarateOnly One MDKKick-athon R2
12/16/2013?Deb KoffmanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
12/16/2013MAMarc SteyerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
12/16/2013?Richard KoffmanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
12/18/2013WAJayne BranchOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WAKathy GrossmanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WAAnancortes AutomotiveOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WAAnacortes Soo Bahk DoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013?Leslie DiamondOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
12/18/2013WATyler StarkovichOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WAAnacortes Soo Bahk DoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WAMargaret ThompsonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WAKay StarkovichOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WAStephanie HankeyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WARoxanna MoserOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013WASara IversonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/18/2013TXKimberly RaughtOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/18/2013TXRuth HorniOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/18/2013TXDouglas MirizziOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/18/2013TXDerek WrobbelOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/18/2013TXRon EllerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/18/2013TXMarco ReyesOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/18/2013TXEd Horni, SrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/23/2013WABethany CoupensOnly One MDKKick-athon R10
12/23/2013WAPamela Sue AdamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAMarilly WieseOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WATyson WieseOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WANicole WhitcombOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAMargaret MetcalfOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAJean JohnsonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WALogan DuenasOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAJack AlbertOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WATyler RowellOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAJamie JordanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAKaren JordanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAJamie Jordanonly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAChristopher Tamayoonly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WAAndrew TamayoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R 10
12/23/2013WACadence Mc LinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R 10
12/23/2013WAHannah Mc LinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R 10
12/23/2013IDNicole WhitcombOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R 10
12/23/2013IDBud BolanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013?Jackie HaleyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013?Jody EdwardsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013?Todd SelkOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/23/2013WABrieanna WhitcombOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/26/2013?AnonymousOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
12/30/2013TXBrian WilbournOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXOmprakash SainiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXSri SurapaneniOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXSharon WoodOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXLeska ValeriusOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXJackie WoodOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXSriram naganathanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXJohn LinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXShyam SinghOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXRamajayma VishalrajOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXJordache GrantOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXMirejda RubayoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXCasy WallachOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013?Beth Van DuyneOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXMike ChaffinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013?JJOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6`
12/30/2013TXSanjay DundaramOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXSiddarth SundaramOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXAditya PatraOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXNatallee JohnsonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXAndrew SaxtonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXKirk and June BaylorOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXGabriele WilbournOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXAmit ChaudharyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXSandy SilverleibOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXJane WeckherlinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXEric NelsonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013TXJack PendergraphOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/30/2013AZGreg BryanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R8
1/8/2014PATalia WalshOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAMaryann AtenieseOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAKyle CannonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAHeidi FofiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAKathryn PossanzaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAStudents of Upper Valley SBDOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PADianne Grasso/Joseph RinaldiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJonelle Lawler/Eylanna LawlerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2013PAOlivia Baron/Bruce BaronOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAMason Baron/Joy BaronOnly One MDKkick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PATami LipkoOnly One MDKkick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PACarol ShumbresOnly One MDKkick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PATara GroveOnly One MDKkick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAPhilip PashkowOnly One MDKkick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJohn MartinesOnly One MDKkick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PADylan KopaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAEylanna LawlerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJeffrey SynderOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJulia PossanzaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAXander MackeyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014CAKathryn DrehsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAMatthew DrehsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CASteve BarrieOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAHerb PitpitanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CARoxanne HeimbuckOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAM L RafterOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CANeil StewartOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAJoel HeimbuckOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CALarry DrehsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAHenry RussellOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014WAIva CrossOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAGina GertanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WATravis JetteOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAConnie JetteOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAJaclyn St ClareOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAVivian HarrisOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAPaulette TalleyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WARob MartinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAPeter BarrisOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAGerald EllisOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAKaren ZuidemaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAJames SandersOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WADon PowerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WADr Paul BergmanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAPeter RascoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WABernadette HallidayOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAArnold DonovanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WADorothy PiazzaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAJanis JonesOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WALarry BawdenOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WASteve GatesOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014WAApril AxthelmOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
1/8/2014PADawanna SileoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PABrian SileoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAAndrew PadulaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAChristopher PadulaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAErika Timms/Katelyn TimmsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PACheryl SauersOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PANick And Claire SciularaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PALoren/Brenda JantziOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PALoren/Brenda JantziOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAW. Roy McDonaldOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAMichael LloydOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PADebbie/Bethene HowieOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PADonna SymancekOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAThomas Kneiss/Jaime KneissOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJoe/Georgia HealeyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJennifer HuberOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJenna/Robert UrbanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJohn/Francine MalinoskiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAPaul DoughertyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAKen/Mary RenardOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014PAJulie TurOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/8/2014CAEmily HamiltonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAMike NguyenOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAstudent of Lomita/Lawndale SBDOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAMontoya WhitfieldOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAJaime BarajaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAErika TothOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAJennifer BaerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAfausto/diego MarinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAMonica/Katelyn CanlapanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAKevin BaglinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/8/2014CAWilliam KealeyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
1/13/2013OKStudents of Kick&Fit KarateOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
1/14/2014MAJennifer And John LafataOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAJames DecoulosOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAJames SweeneyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAEastern Turning IncOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAJoyce FrisielloOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MACandice WardOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MACandice WardOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAJeffrey BonnerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAMike and Susan HallingOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MADebbie WardOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAKim SutherlandOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MADan PandolfoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAann Marie MallochOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAThe Smith FamilyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAThe Smith FamilyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAMary LumsdenOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAJack VentolaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MANancy PetersonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MANational Fish and Seafood LimitedOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MASandy ConnollyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/14/2014MAMarcia MordryOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/27/2014CTNicolas VianesOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/27/2014CTSean FullertonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/27/2014CTIan WagnerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/27/2014CTAlex WagnerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/27/2014CTHeather WagnerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/27/2014CTRichard AhlersOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
1/27/2014OKStudent of Oklahome Karate Academyonly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
1/27/2014NYStudent of Ellenville MDKOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYErik RyanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYEric HelgesenOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYAmie AlexanderOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYRodrigo CastroOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYRodrigo CastroOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYEllenville MDKOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYGordon SwansonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYNadzija VucetovicOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYMary Kate StinehourOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NyMelonie PrattiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYAlison SpevakOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYHalil KrcicOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYBrian McCarthyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYLydia LopezOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYKathleen KaperekOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/27/2014NYTim DistelOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2014MAPJ SteyerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1/Wintercamp
2/4/2014MAPJ SteyerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/4/2014MATimothy LeahyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/4/2014MAWarren Goldstein-GelbOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/4/2014MATravis KnopeOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/4/2014MALawrence KolodneyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/4/2014MAJoyce SteyerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/4/2014MABetty FranciscoOnly One MDKKick-athon R1
2/4/2014MAMichael RohanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/4/2014MAAnn SchonbergerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R1
2/10/2014CAAlexander DuronOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/26/2014CAShannon Dee PerrettOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/26/2014CAGeorge HoffmeisterOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/26/2014CAJohn LawlerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/26/2014CASteven ParkerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/26/2014CASteven ParkerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/26/2014CAInoka JayasingheOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
3/12/2014MICarolyn DeckerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIJoseph La JoiceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIJoseph La JoiceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIPaul LawrenceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIJoseph La JoiceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIJoseph La JoiceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIJoseph La JoiceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIJoseph La JoiceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MIJoseph La JoiceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/12/2014MITammy KonarskaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
3/19/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
3/25/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
4/2/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-athon R6
4/1/2014TXPhil DuncanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
5/14/2014GAMoo Duk Kwan of North GeorgiaOnly One MDK
5/14/2014VATheresa KarnishOnly One MDKLifetime Membership
5/28/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
6/26/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
9/8/2014WARegion 10Only One MDKKick-a-thon R10
7/29/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmployerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
9/23/2014MNSt. Cloud Boxing and Wrestiling ClubOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNDavid GrilzOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNPaul MorrisonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNBill NelsonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNHeather MerrittOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNDennis NiemiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNJennifer GreshowakOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNBonnie HoebelheinrichOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNBrenda HallerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNLaura JanssenOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNHeather MerrittOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNDennis NiemiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNDonna MaitlandOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNSteven WarzechaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNLori SmithOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNKaren FettersOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNKaren FettersOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNLe Ann TrousilOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNMathew MoellerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNKaren FettersOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014MNB A MartinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/23/2014TXPhil DuncanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
9/30/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
10/7/2014WACharles Smith/Region 10Only One MDKKick-a-thon R10
10/27/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
10/28/2014CATed MasonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
11/18/2014GAMoo Duk Kwan of North GeorgiaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R4
11/19/2014TXEdward HorniOnly One MDKMDKL
11/19/2014TXRon WilliamsOnly One MDKMDKL
11/19/2014TXKris PooleOnly One MDKMDKL
11/25/2014COJack FellnerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R8
11/25/2014TXCraig HaysOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/1/2014CORocky Mtn Martial ArtsOnly One MDKMDKL
12/5/2014CAMiki McNanieOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/5/2014WAStan OdleOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/5/2014MNCatherine GillOnly One MDKKick-athon R7
12/5/2014MNDeborah GillOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
12/5/2014FLDiego SanguinettiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R4
12/5/2014CAMedy WundrowOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/5/2014MEGina CrisciOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/5/2014FLBill GarciaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R4
12/5/2014FlFrances GarciaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R4
12/5/2014OHGerald SkockOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
12/5/2014CAJohn HuffOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/5/2014MIMeoldy CikaloOnly One MDKKick-athon R5
12/5/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-athon R6
12/11/2014OHJohn NeceOnly One MDKKik-a-thon R5
1211/2014CAFrank EcholsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/11/2014TXAshlee PriceOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/11/2014NYDiane La FeverOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
12/11/2014CADavid JordanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/11/2014CADarno DeJohnetteOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/11/2014NYPeter DourisOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
12/11/2014COLogan PickrellOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R8
12/11/2014VAGary DittmerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R3
12/11/2014NYPatrick o'LearyOnly One MDKKick-s-thon R2
12/15/2014COJen RupertOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R8
12/15/2014CADavid MoonOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/15/2014WIGreg BarnesOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
12/26/2014MITony NowakowskiOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
12/26/2014FLGeorge BroylesOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R4
12/26/2014MNCarl StemmOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
12/26/2014MNScott YorkovichOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
12/12/2014CAAlan LeeOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
12/29.2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Marjorie WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Karen HiattOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAEvergreenSBD/Karen HiattOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAJoan M CromleyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014WAJoan M CromleyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
12/31/2014NJPaul Eng-wongOnly One MDK
1/5/2015MNJay StohlOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
1/12/2015COBevery Anne CampbellOnly One MDKKick-athon R8
1/12/2015NYFrancis MinutoloOnly One MDKKick-a-thonR2
1/20/2015PAUpper Valley Soo Bahk DoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PACasie BerkhouseOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAErin DebregioOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAMary Ann AtenieseOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAMark BednashOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAKathryn PossanzaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAThomas FischOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PARichard UherOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAMagnottaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PA5 Star ProtectionOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAMelissa RodnickOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAFrankRuggieroOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PAFrank RuggieroOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/20/2015PARenne MagnottaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
1/21/2015MIJanice SequinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
1/28/2015ILRandall VoightsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
1/30/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKiclk-a-thon R6
2/4/2015PAW Roy McDonaldOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PADonna SymancekOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAJoseph HealyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAMatthew MalcomOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAJamie KneissOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2042015PAMagadalena portoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PASpencer AsmanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2042015PAJenna UrbanOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PACara ColumboOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PA`Lisa WoodOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PABrenda JantzlOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAEmma RenardOnly One MDKKcik-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PABrian SileoOnly One MDKKcik-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PABrian SileoOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAClarinda SciularaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAKaren PadulaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAKaren PadulaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2014PAErica TimmsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
2/4/2014PALiza WilliamsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon r2
2/4/2015PAAndrew GattoOnly One MDKKcik-a-thon R2
2/4/2015PAMallory CowderOnly One MDKKcik-a-thon R2
2/23/2015ILRandall VoightsOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R5
2/23/2015MIAnthony CustardOnly One MDKKick-a-thoin R5
2/24/2015WAWiliam ToomeyOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R10
2/24/2015CAArmando MendozaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/24/2015CAThomas FinkleaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/24/2015MTGavin CarmichaelOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R8
2/24/2015CAFrank DeSilvaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R9
2/24/2015COCharles McCartneyOnly One MDKMDKL
2/24/2015COJeff MoonitzOnly One MDKMDKL
2/26/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
2/26/2015MNChase HoebelheinrichOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R7
3/4/2015COJennifer RupertOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R8
3/9/2015TXKaren ChinOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
3/27/2015NJShawn KammerOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
3/27/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
4/10/2015CATed MasonOnly One MDKMDKL
4/13/2015CAGary WongOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAGary WongOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAWilliam MuellerOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAWilliam MuellerOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CADebbie KissingerOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CATimothy PaigeOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAMedy WundrowOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAKeith LambertOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CARobert MaderazoOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CARuben Concepcion JrOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CATony GutierrezOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAMoo Do Media GroupOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CATimothy BennettOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAMichelle Lam HyunhOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAWiliam BlandOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAKien TaOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAAlma Marin-RodriguezOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CATany KueiOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAnaresh AwasthiOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAVinh LuuOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/13/2015CAJuliet GonzalesOnly One MDKMiramar MDKL
4/29/2015GARegion 4Only One MDKKick-a-thon R4
4/29/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R4
5/5/2015WAAnacortes SBDOnly One MDKMDKL
5/5/2015WAAnacortes SBDOnly One MDKMDKL
5/29/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
6/5/2015GAMoo Duk Kwan of North GeorgiaOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R4
6/10/2015NJSteve ZembilisOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R2
6/15/2015MSDavid KingmanOnly One MDKMDKL
6/30/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
7/21/2015HIRich WilcoxOnly One MDKNelson Fundrasing
7/21/2015CAKen TrevellyanOnly One MDKNelson Fundrasing
7/23/2015FLAlvin FisherOnly One MDKNelson Fundrasing
7/23/2015FlLenora FisherOnly One MDKNelson Fundraisng
7/28/2015CaTeri VoddenOnly One MDKNelson Fundraing
7/28/2015CATim BennettOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
7/31/2015NJErik Orella/MDK LLCOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
7/31/2015ALGabriela BrownOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
7/31/2015FLGeorge BroylesOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
7/31/2015MIMicael ZickafooseOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
7/31/2015miWilliam ParrishOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
7/31/2015CAEric ThomasOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
8/1/2015CTBen CorteseOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015CTCarolyn DekkerOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015MACraig HaskellOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015CTDonna McLevyOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015CTHaesung ChangOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015NYNicholas IliasOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015??Pete WagnerOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015MARebecca WhiteOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/1/2015MIShawn HammondOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/3/2015MNDavid BillingsOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
8/3/2015MNMarylee HendricksOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
8/4/2015MNSean CullenOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
8/4/2015WACharles SmithOnly One MDKNelson Fundraisng
8/5/2015NJDenise Mullin/ Hwang HarrisonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
8152016WACharles SmithOnlu One MDKSilent Auction
8/26/2015CADaymon KenyonOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/26/2015NYKate HarveyOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/27/2015??Alex BallOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/27/2015COSusan FittantoOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/28/2015CAKen TrevellyanOnly One MDKSilent Auction
8/27/2015VAChristopher ChampionOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
8/27/2015CTMiramar Martial artsOnly One MDKSilent auction
8/31/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
8/31/2015CTChatherine MinichinoOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/3/2015CAAllan LeeOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/14/2015TXBrandi Deleuuw MerrilOnly One MDKSilent auction
9/25/2015MNThe Network for GoodOnlyOne MDkNelson Fundraising
9/25/2015NYEric ChungOnlyOne MDkSilent auction
9/28/2015MNKarl BradfordOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNRich LauerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MnCatherine GillOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNDeborah GillOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNPeter GilOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJohn GregoryOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJohn Gregory SrOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNChristy GregoryOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNDonmnic GregoryOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNCody GregoryOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNShannon GregoryOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNMathew LoehrerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNBruce WestbrockOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNBill NelsonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNSamantha DeansOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNKristina KirickOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNMolly WarzehaOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNKarlee WarzelhaOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNBob DiehlOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNMegan GreshowakOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNLukas GreshowakOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNTanner JanaszakOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJeremy McGowanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNKailey McGowanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNAlana McGowanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNHeather MerrittOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNAdam CorwinOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNScott RidlonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJennifer GreshowakOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNDave BillingsOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNSam PettittOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJamison McCurryOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJason VredenburgOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015NYSandra SchermerhornOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNThe Boxers Wrokout GymOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJack MerrittOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNKeith BillsteinOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNPete JohnsonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNLaura Janssen-NelsonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNMichael VolgmanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNDave GrilzOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNChase HoebelheinrichOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNColton KielOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNEthan SchindeoeckerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNCyrus MerchantOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNEzra MerchantOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNCole VredenburgOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/28/2015MNJason VredenburgOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/14/2015TXBrandi Deleuuw MerrilOnly One MDKSilent auction
9/24/2015GATommy BrantleyOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GART HallOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GAAnthony HallOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GAKeron MossOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GABlake AtkinsonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GACorley JoinerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GABryce LovettOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GARyan BealOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/24/2015GAAustin BealOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/26/2015NyVeronica LohrerOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJStev ZelnikOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYCassidy LohererOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJTom BrnichOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJJonathan CohenOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJDavid Scott CarewOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NjJordan GarciaOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJToby GarciaOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJTomas SilberbergOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJRaj SaubOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NyMary Kate StinehourOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYChristian StinehourOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYEric chungOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJPaul Eng-WongOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJJonathan OrellaOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJAnthony RyderOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJMichael DeansOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYRoberto BonefontOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015MDMo VatanOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYVanya KhodakovskiOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYZachary KitaychikOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJMiriam KurtsoyOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJBryan CacoiloOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJDenise MullinOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJMichael PorterOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJDaniel DiQuinzioOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJKevin AdasczikOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJLydia ChuOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYYarasalva MilovOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYMaxim MilovOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NYDaniel MilovOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJKlervo AugusteOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NjSofia SilberbergOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJChristian SpeakerOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015NJJoseph MenendezOnly One MDKMWM east
9/26/2015TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MEKKick-a-thon R6
9/26/2015TXChad MosbyOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXCarson MosbyOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXJohnny McCuneOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXMarco ReyesOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXManar El ChammasOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXLaura HigginbothamOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXSiddarth SundarumOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXJack PendergraphOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXKatherine WallachOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXEd HorniOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXMisc T shirt salesOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXCash CooperOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXCraig HaysOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXLiz JacobsOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXHiram TurnerOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXBernie PaffordOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXTony DiCarloOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXAlesia CarrollOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXBrandi Deleuuw MerrilOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXStephen WoodOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXNatasha SilverliebOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXAmbekar HriskkeshOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXSiddharth SundarumOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXSanjay SundarumOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXPranitha KonaOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXGene RoggsOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXLiz JacobsOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXKris PooleOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXEd HorniOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXSamhitha KonaOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXSativ SurapameniOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXRithvik SurapameniOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXBrian WilbournOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXBiancardiOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXReyesOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/26/2015TXTinerOnly One MDKHKI Training
9/28/2015TXTravis GuinnOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015MDMohamed VatanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015MDJoseph ScholzOnly OneMDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015DCHoward KeaOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015VAThomas WilsonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015NJLynford GrahamOnly One MDKMWM East
9/29/2015WIAustin ShutteOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015WIShawn RachalOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015WIElizabeth SomanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015WIZachary WesoOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/29/2015WIZoey WesoOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAKen JackotOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAMichael MooreOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WABruce WellerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAJonathan IzquierdoOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAApple MicahOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAColin ButlerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAJim HallOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WANatalie HowardOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAZane IversonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WACharity JordanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAHeather LeahyMackOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAJoseph MackOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WABojan PeaOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAJake SchuhOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
9/30/2015WAMarcella WarmOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CACim KraemerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAFredrico DeSilvaOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAArlene AdcockOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CARobert HatchOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CADonald JacksonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CASteven SkinnerOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CARamon SevaOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CADavid KitchenOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAMichelle CruzOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAKen TrevellyanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAAshley DurenOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CALinda RichardsOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAJames SevelOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CADonald BognatzOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAGeorge NajjarOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CANathan MedinaOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/1/2015CAEmily WeiOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/2/2015MIAnthony NowakowskiOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/2/2015MIWilton Bennett JrOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNJack KellyOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNDavid LewandowskiOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNHarry MahmicOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNAzmir MahmicOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/0/2015MNElina KoivusaariOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNcameron GordonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNMike CommersOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNOscar CelichowskiOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNJay ebbenOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNAndrea CasseltonOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNDaid JenkinsOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNDavid GarmanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNCora GarmanOnly One MDkNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNRyland HughleyOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNTory HughleyOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNDinko KendrickOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/9/2015MNSimon AbduOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/13/2015MACraig HaskellOnly One MDKSilent Auction
10/13/2015MARebecca WhiteOnly One MDKSIlent Auction
10/21/2015TXEd HorniOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
10/26/2015WABill ToomeyOnly One MDK
10/31/2014TXRobert Walker / via AT&T EmplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
11/3/2015TXMedtronic Your CauseOnly One MDKNelson Fundraiing
11/20/2015OHMarlene KachevasOnly One MDKNelson Fundraiing
12/16/2015CALarry DrehsOnly One MDKNelson Fundraiing
12/16/2015CAJoshua DuncanOnly One MDKNelson Fundraiing
12/17/2015NJHwang Karate GiletteOnly One MDKNelson Fundraiing
1/6/2016TXRobert Walker/Via AT7T emplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
1/11/2016MJLou LegreginOnly One MDKNelson Fundraisng
1/20/2016WARegion 10Only One MDKNelson Fundraisng
2/1/2016TXEd HorniOnly One MDKSIlent Auction
2/1/2016DCJoseh ScholzOnly One MDKSIlent Auction
2/1/2016DCJoseph ScholzHan DolSIlent Auction
2/4/2016MAPaul ChiasonOnly One MDKSIlent Auction
2/4/2016TXRobert Walker/Via AT7T emplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-thon R6
2/11/2016CTHan DolOnly Moo Duk KwanOMDK
2/12/2016NYDenise TurnerJangsSilent Auction
2172016OHLisa KozakOnly Moo Duk KwanSilent Auction
3/4/2016TXRobert Walker/Via AT7T emplyrOnly Moo Duk KwanKick-a-Thon R6
3/8/2016FLRegion four FundOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
3/14/2016WACharles SmithOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
3/16/2016CTHandol Martial ArtsOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
3/16/2016TXRobert Walker/Via AT7T emplyrOnly One MDKKick-a-Thon R6
3/21/2016CACraig BassinOnly One MDKSilent Auction
3/24/2016CARamon SevaOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CAAshley DurenOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CADonald JacksonOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CAMercedes FreireOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CAEmily WeiOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CAJames SevelOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CADavid MoonOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CARon HyattOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CAGeorge NajjarOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
3/24/2016CACim KraemerOnly One MDKKenyons MDKL
4/11/2016CTBoston ClassicalOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising
5/4/2016MIRegion 5/CooperOnly One MDKNelson Fundraising

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