Seeking Natural Red Heads For Anti-bullying Portrait Book

Ken Campbell

If you are, or know, a natural red haired person who would like to apply to be featured in an anti-bullying portrait series that will be published in a book, then we have an exciting opportunity for you.

Some of you may know Ken Campbell who has served the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® for many years as a volunteer medical professional and photographer at our Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa and National Festival.  Ken travels world wide doing good deeds and great work that benefits many.

Recently, Ken was invited to assist the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which was formed by a red head (Amanda Blackwood) who was kidnapped and human trafficked for the sex trade.  She escaped and has formed to help fight these abhorrent criminal activities.

The red head book project of will be a book of professional portraits of red heads with all proceeds going to support an non government organization (NGO) that directly intervenes to rescue woman and children trapped in this underworld.  Full details are available on their website -

Ken is offering a free photo shoot for any qualified redhead(s) willing to participate.  All participants will receive a free photo shoot and a free final copy of a portrait from the shoot.  Also, Ken will  offer a free Head shot (acting or corporateout of the deal as well.  There is no cost at any point for anyone who is selected to participate.

Natural red heads are invited to help fight bullying and human trafficking by contacting:

Ken Campbell

In Ken's words:  My previous day job working in the E.R., as a Primary Care Provider and as a Professor of Health Sciences has put me in contact with this at risk community more so than most people.  It is a huge industry with the USA being the largest destination market for human trafficking in the world!  This is why I am so engaged in this project.  This is why I would love to find someone of celebrity status to participate.  Celebrity being a known public figure (Prince Harry?!?), an interesting job, position or hobby (astronaut, police, fire, commercial pilot, teacher etc.), someone who has been bullied or trafficked and willing to talk about it, or just any redheaded person, family or group with a visual or oral story that would make anyone glancing at the book to pause and say "Wow! I need to find out more", or better yet "Wow I need to DO more!!!".

I am looking for a great visual to anchor in this book for them.  This could be a solo portrait or a huge center spread group shot.  I would greatly appreciate your help in forwarding any leads such that we can make this happen. 

Redheads are frequent targets of bullying and you can help prevent that behavior and deter human trafficking by supporting this initiative.

If you are not a red head and would like to contribute to this initiative, you can do so here:

You can help stop bullying.


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