TAC Chairman Announces Regional Examiner Appointments


Cash Cooper, Sa Bom Nim

The Technical Advisory Committee Chairman, Cash Cooper Sa Bom Nim, today announced Regional Examiner Appointments and their terms as shown below.

You can learn more about the important role and responsibilities of Regional Examiners on the wiki.

Some photos are pending upload.

2013 Appointed Regional Examiners




Region 1

P.J. Steyer Sa Bom                                                                             Expires 12/31/15

Term to begin when Board Director Term expires


Region 2

Denise Mullin-Menendez Sa Bom                                                    Expires: 12/31/15

Cort Stinehour Sa Bom                                                                      Expires: 12/31/15


Region 3

Gary Brown Sa Bom                                                                          Expires 12/31/15


Region 4

Rodrigo Cruz Master                                                                          Expires 12/31/16

Adam Diaz Master                                                                              Expires 12/31/16


Region 5

Michael Zickafoose Sa Bom                                                               Expires: 12/31/16

Christy Cooper Sa Bom                                                                      Expires: 12/31/16

Rich Grogan Sa Bom                                                                          Expires: 12/31/16


Region 6

Gene Riggs Sa Bom                                                                              Expires: 12/31/16

Bill Hockman Sa Bom                                                                        Expires: 12/31/16

Travis Guinn Sa Bom                                                                         Expires: 12/31/16


Region 7

Dave Billings Sa Bom                                                                         Expires: 12/31/14

Dan Ellenbecker Sa Bom                                                                   Expires: 12/31/14


Region 8

Oliver Whitcomb Sa Bom                                                                 Expires: 12/31/14

Brian Corrales Sa Bom                                                                      Expires: 12/31/14


Region 9

John Mahony Sa Bom                                                                       Expires: 12/31/14

Josh Duncan Sa Bom                                                                         Expires: 12/31/14


Region 10

Anna Oulashin Sa Bom                                                                     Expires: 12/31/14

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