2017 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Still Scheduled For La Toretta

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Just an update to let you know that the 2017 USA KDJSS is still planned for the La Toretta Lake Resort in Montgomery, TX Nov 10-17.

Flood waters have receded and remediation of damaged areas is underway, so if you are planning to attend the 2017 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa as a Vistor or Moment With Masters we need to hear from you by Monday.

Thank you to all who have previously indicated your plans to attend.

We do still have a few details pending in order to finalize the contract and are asking you to help us quantify how many rooms and meals we should commit to in the contract by responding as requested below. 

If the Federation includes you in the qty of lodging and meals specified in the contract and you do not show up, the Federation must still pay, so you can help us by confirming your plans by responding to this request for information. 


(If you are reading this, there are probably fellow Dans and Ko Dan Ja who will not see this message for various reasons, so please reach out among your fellow Dans and Ko Dan Ja to help assure everyone knows their response is needed by Monday.)

 Your response will help us commit to the correct qty of lodging and meals in the contract.

 We look forward to your reply.

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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