Updates To "Training Time" Rank Requirement

Effective 05/23/2023 the Technical Advisory Committe and Board of Directors have adopted a joint policy clarifying that only Gup, Dan and Ko Dan Ja students who have current membership can earn "training time" toward rank requirements.

"9) Training time toward Moo Duk Kwan rank requirements is only accumulated when a student has current Federation membership in good standing at the time training occurs. Retroactive payment of membership dues does not result in retroactive "training time" accumulated toward rank advancement."
Joint Board/TAC Established ADMINSTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES of Studio Owners, Certified Instructors and Federation Officials 

Students who are training, but whose membership has not yet been activated or their membership is expired do not earn "training time" toward rank requirements.

Federation Membership is an opportunity accompanied by the personal responsibiity to maintain dues in good-standing. 

Members who are actively training without membership or with expired membership for multiple years cannot earn "training time" toward rank requirements by remitting back years of dues for the time they were training as a non-member or expired member.

The TAC and Board will only recognize "training time" that accrues during the time that membership is current and in good-standing.

Please take a moment to confirm that your membership is current to avoid losing credit for time in training and then be required to train longer to meet the "training time" requirments necessary to qualify for your next Gup, Dan or Ko Dan Ja rank.

Please direct questions to National Member Headquarters at headquarters@soobahkdo.com or (888) SOO-BAHK.





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