Moo Duk Kwan® Founder Hwang’ Kee’s original Volume 1 Textbook (hardback, 400+ pages) has been out of print since 2010.  Copies have become extremely rare and expensive if you can even find one. ($575 AbeBooks, $300-$600 Amazon & EBay)

Now with your support during this time-limited preorder campaign you can help to republish Volume 1 for all. Preorders will only be taken until August 31, 2019 and this special Collector’s Edition will be shipped in November, 2019.

You are preordering an Autographed Collector's Limited Edition of Hwang Kee's Volume 1 textbook which will be sequentially numbered and personally autographed by Moo Duk Kwan® president, H.C. Hwang, Kwan Jang Nim.

This Collector’s Edition of Volume 1 will be a valuable addition to every serious collector’s library,and is only available at this preorder price during this preorder campaign, so act now to reserve your copy.

These deluxe volumes will be produced and shipped when preordering ends.  Please allow up to six weeks for delivery after the published preorder ending date.

Your preorder and your responses to the survey below will help the Board make informed decisions about how to proceed with reprint and production of Volume 1 after preorders for the Autographed Collector's Limited Edition have concluded.

The level of interest expressed during the preorder campaign will also inform decisions about the feasibility of continued publication in hardback and/or electronic versions.

Thank you for your support of this re-publication initiative.

Upon clicking the PREORDER NOW button, you will be directed to the 1st PayPal screen which will display the qty of Volume 1's that you are ordering (you can change the qty). Upon clicking the continue button you will be directed to the 2nd PayPal screen where $12.50 S&H will added to your order and you can click the button to pay by credit card or debit card. Orders of more than two books shipped in USA may incur additional S&H. Preordered books will be shipped in November-December and later orders will be shipped as received.


Volume 1 has been out of print since 2010 and technology changes, rising delivery costs of physical products and an overall decline of purchases of all printed textbooks raises questions about the feasibility of continuing ongoing publication of physical textbooks and or viability of electronic versions.  Your feedback on this reprint survey can help inform Board decisions regarding ongoing publication of regular edition Volume 1 and other text books after the Volume 1 Collector's Limited Edition preorder campaign concludes.

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