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You can win free stuff (no purchase necessary to enter) just by helping assure that fellow members, Alumni and even non-members with Moo Duk Kwan® heritage are aware of the 2017 National Festival scheduled for August 10-12, 2017 in Montgomery, Texas at the La Toretta Lake Resort and Spa. 

Look At Some Of The Things You May Win Just By Sharing

  1. National Festival Registration Fees, Tickets, etc. [$107 Value]
  2. National Festival Shopping Spree [$107 Value]
  3. Limited Edition Custom Embroidered National Festival Apparel [Up to $137 Value]
  4. National Festival VIP Dinner Cruise & Bus Transportation [$137 Value]
  5. 2017 Moment With The Masters Registration Credit [$157 Value]
  6. 2017 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Visitors Registration Credit [$157 Value]
  7. More prizes coming some!
  8. Also, the Federation has arranged a super low $129 room rate for those who book before the discount ends and/or the room block sells out. You gotta check out this resort!

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The United States Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® was formed in 1976 by Moo Duk Kwan® Founder Hwang Kee and a group of dedicated practitioners in the U.S. In 1994 the Federation also adopted the tradename of The United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federtation®. Connect with the Federation via websites and social networks.
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