A Moment With The Masters... And Then It's Gone


As a member of the USA Federation, you have access to top Moo Duk Kwan instructors in the world and the finest training experiences available.

The Federation hosts A Moment With The Masters in conjunction with the 1st weekend of the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa in order that fellow members have an opportunity to share a few moments with the wave of new Ko Dan Ja rank applicants and current Ko Dan Ja leaders and visiting Ko Dan Ja Alumni who are also  participating in the week long Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa experience.

For a brief, fleeting moment every Federation member has the opportunity to share a moment with the masters and experience “Oneness” with the most senior practitioners and Ko Dan Ja in the entire U.S. Federation as well as international Ko Dan Ja.

The Moment With The Masters is a wonderful opportunity that literally calls for action… it calls for attendance.

It is calling you.

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