How To Enter Competitions In Different Regions On The Same Day
Win Medals Nationwide Right From Your Living Room

In the ancient times waaaaaaay back before covid  🙂  it was very challenging to enter different competitions in different regions and doing so was very time consuming, required lots of travel and was only possible when the events were on different dates.

However, today thanks to the advent of prerecorded competitions hosted by the Federation and Region officials, motivated members have the opportunity to win medals from different regional tournaments all across the country without ever leaving home.

Previously it was impossible to participate in two tournaments on the same day and time in two different locations, but prerecorded competition has changed all that. Expensive and time consuming travel is no longer necessary to compete in tournaments across the nation.

Prerecorded competition has totally eliminated the need to travel, totally eliminated schedule conflicts and has lowered the cost of participation significantly.  You can literally be in two or more tournaments in two different locations at the exact same time! 

So if you would like to test your skill against fellow practitioners in different regions, then visit the Region 6 website and register for the upcoming Region 6 Spring Tournament and upload your best prerecorded performance videos before April 30, 2021.

Next hop on over to the Region 10 website and also enter the Region 10 Virtual Competition and upload your best prerecorded performance videos before May 7, 2021.

Thanks to innovations spawned in response to covid circumstances, you now have the opportunity to win medals in different competitions in different regions without even leaving home.

AND.... AND.... the 2nd National Virtual Competition is coming July 24, 2021 and you have the chance to "Go Big Or Go Home!"

Well actually, its more like "Go Big and Stay Home."

Win medals nationwide right from your living room.

How cool is that?

Keep up with upcoming event opportunities by visiting the Moo Duk Kwan® Events website.

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