Leadership Seminar Dec 15, 5:00 PM Pacific
For students age 10 to 35 red belt and above (Senior Guests Welcome)

Caleb Underwood, Kyo Sa
Dan Bon 49875

This exciting educational seminar for all students red belt and up aged 10 to 35 (Senior guests welcome) will feature advanced training insights taught by Caleb Underwood, Kyo Sa Nim. 

He served as the 2022 USA representative to the International Symposium for World Moo Duk Kwan® Young Leaders held in Korea October 13-22, 2022.

Kyo Sa Underwood will be sharing his experience of attending this International event and teaching some of the advanced training insights gained there. 

Participants will leave with valuable knowledge that can improve your technical performance and increase your opportunities to be considered for leadership roles within the USA Federation.

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