Accept The Challenge!
Fall Membership Drive Challenges Await

A few know that challenges are actually opportunities in disguise and can't wait to accept them.

Will you?

Board Director and Lifetime Member Andy Arvidson Sa Bom Nim jumped right out there and issued a challenge for everyone:

“During the Federation’s inaugural Fall Membership Drive I am challenging all my fellow Dan and Ko Dan Ja Members and Lifetime Members to join me in celebrating our respective training anniversaries by contributing a dollar for each year you have trained. May 2016 was my 19th year and I have written my check for $19.00 and mailed it to the Federation today!   Will you please join me?


Sa Bom Nim Anna Oulashin jumped right in and rounded her contribution UP for good luck, then Sa Bom Nim Susan Fittanto elevated the challenge to a whole new level when she DOUBLED her training anniversary contribution AND added an ADDITIONAL in-kind contribution equal to her studio anniversary!

I also understand that this challenge has even spawned another challenge in Region 8 among school owners seeking to recruit the most new members during the Federation's Fall Membership Drive!


This is a bit reminiscent of the 2016 National Festival Silent Auction when Sa Bom Nim Bill Nelson was auctioneering it so enthusiastically that he had people happily bidding against themselves! 🙂

Master Roberto Bonefont then piled on with his training anniversary contribution big time and rounded UP well... just because he could as did Sa Bom Nim Steve Lemner.  A number of other GUPS and DANS have also donated but have not yet posted a comment on the Training Anniversary Challenge page.

What say you fellow members and school owners?

Will you accept the challenges before you during the Federation's inaugural Fall Membership Drive?

Membership Drive Ends In
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Accept The Training Anniversary Challenge Here


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