How To Enter Competitions In Different Regions On The Same Day
Win Medals Nationwide Right From Your Living Room

In the ancient times waaaaaaay back before covid  🙂  it was very challenging to enter different competitions in different regions and doing so was very time consuming, required lots of travel and was only possible when the events were on different dates. However, today thanks to the advent of prerecorded competitions hosted by the Federation…

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Have You Responded Yet? Click To Be Heard
Just Do It!

Members are being invited to help inform the Board and TAC of your preferred location for the 2021-2020 combined Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa and Moment With The Masters. Time eligible members who are potential candidates and all other members are invited to respond to the two (2) question survey BEFORE APRIL 7. Which Venue…

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Tick Tock For Volume 1 Autographed Collector's Edition

Moo Duk Kwan founder Hwang Kee's original Volume 1 Textbook (hardback, 400+ pages) has been out of print since 2010.

Copies have become extremely rare and expensive if you can even find one. ($575 AbeBooks, $300-$600 Amazon & eBay).

Now with your support during this time-limited preorder campaign you can help to republish Volume 1 for all.

Each Moo Duk Kwan®supporter who places a preorder will receive a limited-run,Collector's Edition of Volume 1 which is sequentially numbered,personally autographed by H.C Hwang, Moo Duk Kwan ® President and encased in unique commemorative packaging.

Preorders will only be taken until August 31, 2019 and orders for this special Collector's Edition will be shipped in October, 2019.

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A Moment With The Masters November 11-13
Register Before September 30 And Save 15%

The Federation hosts A Moment With The Masters in conjunction with the 1st weekend of the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa in order that fellow members have an opportunity to share a few moments with the wave of new Ko Dan Ja rank applicants and current Ko Dan Ja leaders and visiting Ko Dan Ja Alumni who are also  participating in the week long Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa experience.

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