Incoming Board Chair Transition Message 2024

Greetings Federation Members and Supporters,

I hope this email finds you and your families well and enjoying the longer afternoon sun!


The Board of Directors met recently for our first meeting of 2024 for the purpose of welcoming in newly elected Board Directors as well as transitioning the Executive Committee for the coming year.


This update marks my first as Board Chair of the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation Board of Directors. I am deeply humbled to have been chosen for this role. I look forward to serving along with our elected and appointed Directors as well as Federation Officials as we work collaboratively to foster the growth and continued evolution of the Federation.


On behalf of the Board, we are pleased to welcome our new Board Directors : Ken Trevelyn, Sa Bom (R9) and Tony Le, Sa Bom (R2).


In addition, the Board of Directors voted on this year’s Executive Committee.

  • Chair: Jen Rupert, Sa Bom
  • Vice Chair: Dwayne Townsend, Sa Bom
  • Treasurer: Tony Le, Sa Bom
  • Secretary: Nicole Herlofsky, Sa Bom


The Board, together with our Executive Administrator and the Technical Advisory Committee are working on goals and initiatives for the coming year including enhanced studio owner and member support, technology and systems upgrades, enhanced merchandise offerings, more live online training opportunities and much more.


As always, we can look forward to multiple National and Regional Events this year. You can stay abreast of upcoming in-person and virtual events on the National Calendar and the Events site:

The enthusiasm for these events is evidenced by the growing support and attendance that we have seen in the past two years. It is our goal to provide another year of memorable experiences for our members!


NEW: Virtual TAC Seminars

The Technical Advisory Committee is offerring exciting new virtual seminars that eligible members do not want to miss.

Stay tuned for more to come!

  • April 6, 2024 Craig Hays, Sa Bom: 
    • Become A High Performance Soo Bahk Do Practitioner
    • Open To All Ranks
  • May 11, 2024 Rosenthal, Sa Bom: 
    • Understanding The Complexities of Chil Sung Yuk Ro Hyung
    • Open To 5th Dan up


Virtual National Competition

Back By Popular Demand! Originally intended as a way to gather virtually and compete during Covid, this event has proven itself each year as an event our members look forward to.

This event will be held earlier this year as a fun way to prepare for the National Festival while competing in a National level competition. Be sure to submit your entries before May 31, 2024.


National Festival

The 2024 National Festival promises to be action packed AND leave a chance to sneak in some beach time.

Hotel reservations are now open.

Event registration forthcoming.


Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa and Moment With The Masters

For the first time ever Region 7 will be hosting this event steeped in history and tradition. Join 

fellow practitioners from around the country as we train hard and support the testing candidates in their Ko Dan Ja journey.


Kwan Jang Nim’s 2024 Inside Outside Tour:

Each Region will be scheduling an event to provide an opportunity for Kwan Jang Nim to share his message and train with all of you.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you all for your dedication to your own training and to the Art. We look forward to a great year!

Respectfully and In Moo Do,

Jen Rupert
2024 Chair, Board of Directors

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