Trick or Treater Safety School
A Community Service Program

Pumpkin For Trick Or Treat Held By Girl In Vampire Costume

Halloween is despised by some and enjoyed by others, but regardless of your perspective about Halloween I am sure you agree that safety is important.

Safety is especially important on Halloween when young kids may be roaming the streets in the dark and when widespread mischief and mayhem may be the norm, so being alert and attentive to personal safety is a high priority.

Adults and tots can both benefit from attending a fun and educational Trick or Treater Safety School offered as a community service program by participating Moo Duk Kwan® Certified schools nationwide.  Look for local ads or flyers about programs near you.

So have fun this Halloween whether you avoid it or relish it, just be safe and remember that you can safely Trick or Treat us by Text message the whole month of October!



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